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You are so right about wanting to go back and see some more! I always want to go back and get a glimpse of all the places I didn't manage to get to, but then again- there are new places to visit and things to see :) A dilemma.

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to know the island’s inhabitants or to visit some of the more out of the way places, particularly in the more rural interior of the island.

Travels Through the Hidden Villages of Sicily” by Teresa Maggio (who also wrote “Mattanza” about the annual tuna harvest off the west coast of Sicily)

Travels Through the Hidden Villages of Sicily” by Teresa Maggio (who also wrote “Mattanza” about the annual tuna harvest off the west coast of Sicily).

Unfortunately we did have a chance to see any of them, and it would certainly be great to see one or two, especially some of the religious festivals when the churches come to life.

Unfortunately we did have a chance to see any of them, and it would certainly be great to see one or two, especially some of the religious festivals when the churches come to life.

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